Make $500 a week as an Internet Researcher

There is a company that goes by the name of Wonder that is currently looking for Internet researchers to work from home.  This is a global work at home opportunity that allows you to work your own schedule from anywhere in the world answering client’s questions.

This is a great opportunity for freelance workers because you are not required to have any experience in order to perform this job.  You probably already research various terms, businesses, products and other items on the Internet anyway so this kind of work would not be out of your element.  As an Internet researcher for Wonder you will simply claim a research question that has been submitted by the customer and find the best online resources to help explain it and formulate a summary of those finding in written text.

Wonder will not select the questions that you have to complete.  They give you the option to choose which questions interest you the most which will encourage you to try to find the best solution to the client’s questions.  You will even enjoy the job more because you will be researching things that you can either relate to are familiar with or are curious about.

If you are interested in working from home researching various topics as an Internet researcher for Wonder, here are some additional facts that you need to know before you apply online.

How many questions will I be required to complete in a week?

Wonder requires that you answer at least 1 question per week so that your research skills will not get rusty.  If you happen to miss one week for one reason or another, Wonder will not remove you from the system and you will still be able to log in and work.

What kind of questions will I receive as a Wonder Researcher?

The questions will vary and could be related to personal use but most of them fall into the category of business, technology and marketing.

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How long will it take to answer a question?

It depends on you (the researcher).  If you are fast and efficient, you could answer each question relatively fast especially if they are not too difficult.  But you can only work on one research question at a time.

What if I have trouble answering a question?

Wonder has a great support team to help you if you have difficulty answering a question.  You can contact Wonder directly via email or get some tips from their community chatroom called Slack.

Can I really make $500 a week as an Internet researcher?

You can if you are an active researcher.  The more you work and the faster you are at getting those questions answered, the more you will earn.

How will I get paid?

Wonder pays their researchers every two week via PayPal.

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What is the application process like?

The application process is similar to the work that you will completing for Wonder.  You will be given a couple of sample questions to choose from.  You select the question that appeals to you the most.  You search the web to find a suitable answer to the question, enter in the website that you used to find the answer and any other information that will be needed for you to answer the question accurately.  The application process will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

After you have completed your application, Wonder will let you know if you are accepted to work from home as an Internet researcher in a week or two.

How can I apply online?

You can apply for this job by completing their online application here.

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