Get Paid to Transcribe/Translate for Logueworks

If you are fluent in English and another language and you can either transcribe or translate, Logueworks has worldwide work at home opportunities for you.  Logueworks is one of the few companies that allows you to set your own rates, work your own hours, avoid taking qualification tests and start earning today.  Here are some additional details about the work you will be doing for LogueWorks and how you can apply online.

What kind of transcription tasks does Logueworks have?

Logueworks has transcription tasks that involves listening to an audio file that may include more than one speaker and converting the audio word-for-word into written text.  You will simply select the language(s) that you are fluent in and select your preferred rates.  Logueworks will already have pre-filled in the prices but these can be adjusted and changed to your liking.  The prices displayed are simply recommendations based on the prices of our current vendor workforce. Feel free to make adjustments as you see fit.  You can also modify your prices at any time after registering.

Please keep in mind that Logueworks vendors are continually rated based on quality, turn-around time and cost.  Therefore, work is awarded based on how high you rank on these three criteria.  The higher you set your rate below, the lower your cost rank will be, making it less likely you will receive consistent work.

How will I be paid for the work I complete for Logueworks?

Logueworks pays their worker regardless of what currency you set your rate in, you will ultimately be paid in USD if you are a U.S. resident or the local currency of your bank account if you are a non-U.S. resident (bank accounts in Spain will be paid in Euros, UK will be paid in GBP, etc.).

What is the signup process like?

It takes less than 5 minutes total to signup to work from home for Logueworks.  First, you will visit Loguework’s official website and click the sign up button that is displayed on their homepage.  You will be taken to another page where you will enter in your personal information including your email address.  At this point, you will need to confirm your email address before you can move on to the next step.  After you confirm your email address, you will simply select the jobs you want to work on, set your rates and preferred languages.  Once this is completed, you will need to read over and accept their Service Agreement prior to being assigned work.  Once you have agreed to their terms and conditions you will be taken to another page where you will come up with a unique user name and password to be used for Logueworks for you to be taken to your personal dashboard to accept jobs.

Does Logueworks provide any support for their remote workers?

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can either watch some training videos, read over their frequently asked question page, read over the style guide, download a cheat sheet and check out a list of web resources for more assistance.

Are there other worldwide work at home jobs that you can start today?

There are some that you can try listed below.

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