15 Reasons why Humanatic is a good WAH job for beginners

Many people desire a non-phone work at home job without having to talk to and service customers over the phone.  If you live outside the US and prefer a job that allows you to listen to calls rather than take them, Humanatic is definitely a company that you will want to apply to.  Humanatic has an ongoing need for call reviewers to do just that.  But before you apply, let me give you some more details about this work at home company and what you can expect if you work for them.

What is a call reviewer?

Working from home as a call reviewer for Humanatic involves you listening to live conversations between customers and businesses to determine if the call from each caller was addressed, received and handled in a proper way.  The kind of calls that you will be listening to may be in relation to setting up appointments for the dentist, automobile dealerships and other business establishments.

Have you ever been on a call and you hear an automated response saying, “This call may be recorded?” These are the kind of calls that you will be listening to.  Some even consider this kind of work as a person that gets paid to spy on phone conversations.

How long do the calls last?

Most of the calls only last for a few seconds but there are some instances where the call will last about 5 minutes or longer.  Lengthy calls are rare but do happen on occasions.

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Why I recommend working from home for Humanatic for beginners?

There are a 15 reasons why Humanatic is a great choice for those who are newly discovering work at home job opportunities and I will explain why I say this.

  1. Absolutely no experience required to work for Humanatic.
  2. No age requirement so this would be a great work at home job for teens.
  3. Train online in just a few minutes.
  4. Humanatic hires all around the world.
  5. You can work whenever you want.
  6. Pays weekly.
  7. They offer bonuses and more pay for call reviewers who maintain a high accuracy rating.
  8. No phone needed.
  9. Those who speak and can understand Spanish can also work for Humanatic.
  10. Very easy work at home job.
  11. No background check required.
  12. Humanatic does not require you to submit a resume.
  13. Application process takes less than a minute.
  14. You can review calls from your smartphone or tablet.
  15. It is a work at home job that you can abandon for months and go back to.

Humanatic also has one of the fastest hiring processes that I have seen from a work at home employer online.  Most people are able to start working from home for Humanatic is less than 2 business days.  This makes it perfect for those who need to start working immediately to earn extra income.

Although you are not required to have a phone to work for Humanatic, there are some things that you will need before you apply online.

  • A computer or access to one.
  • A verified PayPal account in order to get paid.
  • Speakers that come with your computer to listen to the calls.

What can you do if you don’t have a PayPal account?

I made a YouTube video to show you how you can sign up for a PayPal account in less than 5 minutes.  You can watch it below.

Frequently asked questions about Humanatic?

I interviewed Humanatic a couple of years ago to ask them some questions that many of my blog readers wanted to know that you can read over by going to the article page at Workersonboard.com.

You can also visit Humanatic’s question and answer site to ask a question and get an answer.

What is the pay for a call reviewer for Humanatic?

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The pay varies per category but it ranges from just a few cents up to $0.22 per review.  Please keep in mind that the better your accuracy rating, the more you will earn.  You will have new categories unlocked that pay more and you will also be entitled to receive bonuses depending upon how many calls you review per day.

Can I read some experiences from others who have worked for Humanatic?

Yes as a matter of fact you can.  I have a few members who have shared their experiences and even some funny calls that they have reviewed from Workersonboard Talk that you can read here.

How to Apply to Humanatic?

You can apply to Humanatic a couple of ways.  Visit their official website here and apply online download their Humanatic app to get started.  The app is available on Google Play and the App Store.  Feel free to include my email address aliciawashington@yahoo.com when you apply to Humanatic.

If are currently working for Humanatic or have done so in the past, please leave me your comments below.

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