Get Paid to Moderate Forums

Would you like to work from home moderating online discussion boards for major companies?  If so, there is a great need for forum moderators to control, monitor and manage their online communities to protect their brand at the same time.  One advantage to being an online moderator is that you can live almost anywhere and select the hours you want to work unless the company has specific demands.

What does a moderator’s job duties involve?

As a forum moderator, you will be responsible for watching posts and comments that are published from members that have joined various online communities.  Your main function is to ensure that the community is a safe environment for online dialogue.  If you see any posts that contain vulgar language, threatening or violent comments, hateful, sexual, abusive or spiteful speech as well as bullying from other members or anything that would be considered harmful to the online community that you are moderating, you would be required to remove those offending messages and possibly ban individual members, (if necessary) or the action is repeated.

You will also be required to make sure that the posts are valid and in harmony with the discussions or questions that have been asked.  If an answer was posted by a member that has absolutely nothing to do with the question that was presented, you have the right to modify that post or to remove it altogether.

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Here are 5 Reasons Why Companies need Online Moderators

  1. It encourages new members to join.  If a new visitor to the community knows that there are people moderating the site, they will be more willing to join because they will view it as a safe site.
  2. Online support.  At times, community members will have questions that they need to be addressed and answered and a forum moderator will be one of the first persons that they go to for more information.
  3. Limits the companies workload.  A lot of companies would prefer to outsource someone to moderate their forums so that they can focus on other key responsibilities and duties within the company.
  4. Not everyone will follow the rules.  Although the community members will agree to communities terms of service before they join, some may not abide by these rules.  That is why a moderator is needed to enforce the rules or eliminate members who break them.
  5. Valuable asset to the community.  Not only do forum moderators provide valuable information by contributing to the online community but they also help to dispel myths, reveal untruths and so much more.

Are all moderator jobs the same?

It really depends upon the company but the basics about moderating forums will pretty much be applied to any online moderating job that you apply to or get hired for.  Please make sure that you read over the complete job description and rules of the job so that you will know exactly what each company expects from you.

What is the pay for an online moderator?

Some companies pay their forum moderators at an hourly rate of $10 per hour and others may pay $11 and up.  On average, you can expect to earn around $10 to be a forum moderator.

Do I need any skills to be a forum moderator?

Working from home as a forum moderator can be classified as an entry level job that doesn’t require for you to have previous experience.  Although they do prefer that their moderators have previously participated in online discussion groups and communities so that you will have an idea of how they work.  It is also a plus if you are active on social media and have social media profiles because this shows that you are able to manage and moderate online accounts.  If you have yet to visit or become a member of an online community, please make sure that you visit Workersonboard Talk where there are online discussion about ways to earn money at home and global work at home jobs.  You can join for free.

What companies hire forum moderators?

Here is a list of companies that need forum moderators that live outside the US to work from home listed below.  Try to apply to as many as you can just in case you don’t hear back from one of the companies after a period of time.


This company is currently hiring forum moderators to work from home.

Customer Service Agent Moderator for non US residents

Bilingual Customer Service Agent Moderator for non US residents


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Check this company regularly because they also hire forum moderators to work from home.


This company is looking for people who speak English and another language to moderate forums from home.

Freelance Moderator Turkish

Freelance Moderator German


Bilingual Customer Service Rep Chat Moderators

Mod Squad

This company has a need for people to moderate forums, chat with customers, manage communities and buzzing in social media.  You can work when you want.

Join the Mods


This freelance site needs chat moderators to work from home.  You can read how to get freelance work at UpWork here.

Freelance moderator jobs


This company needs moderators to moderate their community game forum.

Community Moderator




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