Non Phone Work at home Jobs at Pactera

Pactera is a crowdsourcing company that has global opportunities for those who want to work from home.  All of their work at home positions are non-phone in either translation, transcription, annotation or as an Internet Judge.  These jobs are also great for those who desire a flexible work schedule because you are not required to work a certain amount of hours per week,  have multiple openings so you have a greater chance of getting a work at home job and they provide you with training so that you can perform your job duties accurately and efficiently.


Here are some of the details about each position and their requirements so that you will know exactly what Pactera is looking for before you apply online.

Remote Translation

Pactera is looking for experienced translators in the area of software localization, including post-sales and pre-sales contents.  Candidates will be required to be advanced users of online communication technologies in their markets, and to have creative writing skills to make marketing messages flow naturally in their locales.

Translation Requirements

Pactera does require that their translators complete a thorough and rigorous qualification process including relevant translation tests.  Project-related training will be provided by Pactera.

– Remote workers should be familiar with most popular applications for video calls, messaging and chat
– Specialized in SW localization and marketing
– Familiar with CAT tools

Pactera also requires that you are able to type at least 60 wpm, have a Windows 8 computer or above, have fast Internet and a headset with USB connector.

Currently they have a need for remote translators who speak the following languages:  French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Remote Transcription

Download tasks from an on-line tool (provided by Pactera).
– Listen to a recording in your native language.
– Verify that the text in native language represents the recording.
– Insert tags to indicate audio interference (background noise or additional voices).
– Submit the task into an on-line tool (provided by Pactera)
– Training and Guidelines are provided for each task
– Work mode: part time or full time
– Work location: work from home

Transcription Requirements

Must be a native speaker of the language
– Must have good English skills in reading, writing and speaking
– Part-time worker
– Must have a Personal Computer with Windows 7 or higher
– Must have an above average typing speed (higher than 40 words per minute)
– Must be experienced with Microsoft Office suite

Pactera currently has a need for remote transcription workers who can speak the following languages:  English, Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Portuguese, French Canadian, Australian, Norwegian, UK, German, Dutch, Catalan, Spanish, French, Polish and Italian.

Internet Judges

Analyze and research local market addresses in order to provide better address accuracy of client’s maps:
• Reviewing addresses for various in-market locations to improve geo accuracy for Bing Maps
• Consulting with developers to provide most accurate feedback for given locations
• Understanding local market geography, locations, address format, in order to properly search given locations and to provide accurate response to all given queries
• Using online maps sources and reliable in-market data to verify given location
• Communicate with other resources in maintaining consistent and accurate feedback according to requirements
• Ad hoc Projects

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Internet Judging Requirements


• Native Speaker of above markets/languages
• Working knowledge of English
• Detail oriented, strong verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to work cooperatively as well as independently on assigned projects
• Ability to follow the guidance and do time bound tasks with efficiency
• Ability to do repetitive tasks without degradation in quantity and quality
• Good sense of orientation using online maps, maps data, searching terrain, etc.
• Fluency in researching on web for information on various locations and validating the data
• Needs to be comfortable using web resources i.e. using a web browser, using a search engine, etc.
• Needs to be comfortable using online maps, street view
• Needs to be familiar with market specific address requirements and formats

You will need to type at least 40-60 wpm, have Broadband Internet connection, a headset with USB connector and Windows XP and above.

Pactera currently has a need for Internet judges who are fluent in English, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Brazil and Spanish.


This job consists in identifying Slots and Intents in vocal written commands and annotating them within a specific tool. Pactera provides guidelines and paid training for each task.

What are INTENTS and SLOTS?
– Intents are defined as the overall goal of the utterance. For example, if the user says “show me the weather in Palo Alto for this weekend,” the intent of this utterance is to find the weather forecast.
– Slots are the specific content words within the utterance. For example, in our previous example, “Palo Alto” is the location for the weather forecast and “this weekend” is the date.

Annotation Requirements

– Must be a native speaker of the language
– Must have good English skills in reading, writing and speaking
– A Master degree or higher in a language-related field such as linguistics or translation is preferred
– Must be experienced with Microsoft Office suite

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– Excellent command of writing skills in native language
– Attention to detail
– Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines

Pactera currently has a need for Annotators who can speak the following languages:  English and Japanese.

Pay Rate for Pactera

Pactera pays over $15 per hour for Internet Judges and $11 for translation.  Most of the jobs pay per hour or per task.  Pactera pays their workers through bank transfer or PayPal.


Please go to Pactera if you are interested in viewing their work at home opportunities as well as to apply online.  You can also watch my latest YouTube video to hear details about their application process.  Non-Phone work at home jobs in the US – Click here to see the complete list.

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