How to Use Get Paid to Sites to Make Money

As you probably know by now, working from home is not the only way to make money online.  You can also earn real cash  to participate in video chats, with smartphone apps, to read and review books, take paid surveys and even to give away free stuff as an Amazon affiliate as well as other programs.  One of the more common methods that people use to make money from home is by visiting the popular daily cash sites.  But how you can really make money on these sites and it is legit?

Earning money on GPT sites

Quick cash never amounts to much cash but over time it adds up. That’s the philosophy of sites that offer small micro-amounts of cash in exchange for a few seconds of “work.” These sites have amassed a huge following from people who are looking to make what might amount to coffee money for the week. Still, it’s a sweet cup of coffee when you get it for what amounts to a few seconds or minutes of work. Don’t expect to make a huge killing from these sites or quit your job thanks to them, but what you can expect is a nice little chunk of change to spend on a few extra goodies during the month.

Investment of time

A short survey doesn’t amount to much work or time on your part. It might take 15 minutes to grab an extra buck or two for the week without using very much of your brain power to do so. Millions of people take surveys for extra cash and they’ve reported a lot of satisfaction when doing so. Sites like Cash Crate have become famous for offering a steady stream of low-paying surveys and then paying out in a very short period of time. You sign up, select from an offer wall, and take your survey. Boom, your account balance goes up. You can cash this balance out as soon as it reaches a small minimum and before you know it you’ve got a few extra cups of coffee for the month without doing very much at all or investing anything on your part but a few minutes of your time. Businesses win because they get testers, Cash Crate wins because it gets paid for sponsorship, and members win because they get a delicious cup of what feels like free coffee.

What you can do to add to your bottom line

If you’re interested in sites like this, you can get started by signing up. Browse over the list of offers every day. Many times sites like this will feature new surveys and offers prominently on the homepage. You may even see real time stats of people who have just earned money by signing up. Once you’ve signed up, all that’s left to do is start in on your work. Spend as little or as much time as you want. Sites like this conveniently lead you to the “easy” money which generally translates into an offer that doesn’t take too much of your time to complete.

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Types of offers

You can be paid in a number of ways. The bulk of offers are surveys. You can be paid to download applications, read emails, click on ads, or even search a term. The large number of ways to earn money means that you never get bored as you look for a few minutes of work each day. Once again, you’ll never get rich from one of these sites but you won’t spend a lot of time racking up extra spending money for the week.

Daily Cash Sites for Extra Money

Here are a few get paid to or daily cash sites that you can sign up for to earn real cash.

  1. Cash Crate – Open worldwide.  Make sure you log into the site daily to earn more.  Must be at least 13.
  2. Fusion Cash – Open to members in Canada who are at least 18.
  3. InstaGC – Open worldwide.  Can use this site for instant gift cards and cash.  Can join if you are only 13 with parental consent.  Read my InstaGC review here.
  4. Inbox Dollars – Open to those who live in Canada.
  5. Bank Roll Bucks – Open to those in Canada, UK, Australia, France, Germany and New Zealand.  You must be 13.
  6. Swagbucks – Open in several countries.   Find out how you can earn more with Swagbucks here.
  7. Clixsense – Visit websites for extra cash.  Open in several countries.
  8. Prize Rebel – Also open in several countries.
  9. Qmee – Open in the UK.  A browser that will pay you to visit various websites.
  10. Prize Rebel – Must be 13.
  11. Gift Hulk – Must be 13.
  12. Treasure Trooper – This daily cash site pays once a month between the 15th and 20th.
  13. Zoombucks – Can use this site if you are at least 13.  Open worldwide.
  14. Perk – Watch TV trailers, video clips, play trivia games and more.
  15. Qriket – Smartphone app that you can use to real cash just to spin the wheel.  Use code 155066 for 25 bonus spins for more money!  Download on Google Play or the App store.  Read my full review about Qriket here.

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