Experts needed to work from home for Task Tuners

Task Tuners is a new translation site that is currently looking for experts to translate scriptures and other literature from English to as many languages as possible.  Task Tuners acknowledges that there is enough work to keep translators busy for many years.  But before this can happen, they must go through a pre-launch phase.  This includes trying to get as many workers as possible on board and enough interests in any language to start with the actual translation jobs.

If you are currently looking for a work at home job and you are able to translate from English to other languages, this may be the company for your.  You can apply for these positions at Task Tuners on their official website but before you do, make sure that you read all the details so that you will know what you can expect.  Here is how Task Tuner’s proceed with each language:

1. Pre launch Phase

In the first phase Task Tuners will be gathering interests in various languages.  Before they can start screening experts, they will need to have enough registrations in a language.  Feel free to Register now for your chance to work from home for this company as an online expert/translator. 

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2. Screening Process

If you are curious to know what the screening process will be like for Task Tuner, you will be happy to know that it easier than some of the other remote employers.  Candidates will go through a simple set of translation jobs in this phase.  Each job will be screened and valued by dozens of people.  Based on the overall judgement candidates are moved to paid translation jobs.  This phase is now open for Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Russian & Bulgarian.

3. When can I start Working on Paid Jobs?

Once you have completed the screening process you will now have access to paid jobs.  Task Tuner users get primarily 2 types of paid tasks; 1) Translation, 2) Reviewing.  Each type of task is again reviewed and valued by dozens of people.  Each user will need to maintain an accuracy score through this exercise.  Higher accuracy means better payments.  On the other hand, very low accuracy may result in disqualification.  Please make sure that you take your time and read over all the instructions before you begin.  In addition to these jobs, Task Tuner also needs people who can help format the translated outcomes for paper and web publishing.

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4.  Is this opportunity only for English speaking users?

If you are not an expert in any non-English language, they have other types of task for you.  Each raw translation job has to be prepared for the end translator.  This involves splitting raw files into smaller tasks.  Finally reviewing the compiled outcome is where we need you.

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If you are interested in working from home as an expert for Task Tuners, please apply online here to go directly to their official website.

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