I am a stay at home mom, an author, blogger and creator of this official website and my main site Workersonboard.com.

I work from home and I know some of the many benefits of doing so which include:

  • no commuting
  • saving money on lunches
  • spending more time with family
  • working in your pajamas
  • not stuck in traffic
  • less car repairs/maintenance

I have personally researched work at jobs for many years and have found that it is not just as easy as typing in “Work at home Jobs” on Google and that is why I created this site to bring you legitimate work at home jobs.

Many of you have requested that I include work at home jobs outside of the US for those who live internationally and that is how this site came about.

I hope that this site will enlighten and bring awareness to those seeking to work from home and help you find a work at home job.

tablet-690032_640If you need additional assistance to help increase your chances of getting a work at home job, you can take my online course entitled, “How to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs” that will explain where you can get a free resume, which companies are always hiring people to work from home, how to avoid work at home scams, where to find work at home jobs, interview tips and much more!  Get your coupon here to take this class today.


Please make sure that you come back frequently to check the latest job leads posted here!

Enjoy and share!


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