37 Worldwide Paid Surveys

Taking online surveys is one of the very first ways that I was able to earn some easy cash for sharing my honest opinions and answering simple questions.  At the time when I started, there were just a handful of legitimate survey panels that you join but now that are dozens of companies that will pay their members to take… Read more →

Get Paid to Transcribe/Translate for Logueworks

If you are fluent in English and another language and you can either transcribe or translate, Logueworks has worldwide work at home opportunities for you.  Logueworks is one of the few companies that allows you to set your own rates, work your own hours, avoid taking qualification tests and start earning today.  Here are some additional details about the work… Read more →

25 Easy Ways to Make Money with Fiverr

  Many of you have heard of Fiverr by now and have even used it in the past to buy a service.  For those of you who don’t know what Fiverr is, it is a very popular website platform that you can use to post and promote your online gigs to sell to others for just $5.   What are… Read more →

Make $500 a week as an Internet Researcher

There is a company that goes by the name of Wonder that is currently looking for Internet researchers to work from home.  This is a global work at home opportunity that allows you to work your own schedule from anywhere in the world answering client’s questions. This is a great opportunity for freelance workers because you are not required to… Read more →

15 Well-known Work at Companies that hire Globally

Living abroad and trying to work from home comes with many challenges.  First you have to decide what type of work at home job you are interested in.  Next, you will have to decide how much you want to work and when.  Once this has been established, the next obstacle that you will have to overcome is trying to find… Read more →

Work from home Web Search Evaluator Jobs

Finding legitimate work at home jobs is a dream that many people have.  Those who are looking for such jobs will find that are multiple possibilities.  Some work at home jobs tend to fall into a few categories where workers may be asked to provide phone customer service. Then there are other opportunities that do not involve phone work such… Read more →

How to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

Are you currently looking for a work at home job?  Have you applied to several companies but have yet to hear back from one?  Do you need help with your resume?  If you fall into any one of the categories or you are a person that simply wants to make money from home, make sure that you check out my… Read more →

Worldwide work at home jobs (Weekly)

Here are a few companies that are currently hiring people who live outside the US to work from home in Australia, Canada and other countries.  If you can’t find any companies hiring in your area make sure that you check the Big list of Worldwide work at home companies for some sites that hire from all over the world. You… Read more →

Best Global Get Paid to Sites

Have you ever wondered if those “GPT” or get paid to sites are really legitimate? A few years ago, I had doubts about it myself and questioned the legitimacy of these sites assuming that they were scams. But to my surprise I finally decided to give many of these companies a try and actually got paid for my efforts. One… Read more →

20 Easy Ways to Make Money Online

Working from home has become more of a necessity as well as a convenience for many today. More companies than ever before are getting on the ban wagon to offer remote jobs for their employees. You may even find many of these jobs in your local newspaper or on various job sites like: Monster.com, Career Builder, Indeed, Workersonboard.com and more! In addition… Read more →